ERASMUS+ YOUTH EXCHANGE: "Say YES to human rights!”


While the situation of human rights protection is relatively good in Western European countries, there are countless examples of human rights violations in Eastern European countries, especially since the refugee crisis, which also affected Western European countries. Radicalization of citizens has begun, especially by political parties and groups operating on the right wing of the political spectrum. Since the beginning of the refugee crisis, there has also been a crisis for uneducated citizens, especially among young people who are not sufficiently familiar with human rights topics. Most countries do not have curriculums in schools called Civil Rights. This is an area that needs to be filled by the NGO sector in Europe. It is up to them to work with and train young people to stop discrimination, radicalization and marginalization. As one results of radicalization for young people we could point 'Brexit', and if we want to stop processes like this we need to make extra efforts to create capacity that works for young people's education. 

PARTICIPANTS: The Youth exchange will involve 38 from  Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Slovakia, Greece, The North Macedonia and Spain.  

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE:   4 participants : (16-30 Y.O.) + 1 Group Leader (No age limit)

  • Interested in the topic of the project

  • Youth that never have opportunity to participate in a youth exchange

  • Youth that are strong motivated to be part of the project and pro-active.


DATES:  10-16 August 2020 ( 10-16 Travel days)

LOCATION: Pamporovo, Bulgaria. 

FINANCIAL DETAILS:The organizers will cover the following costs with the support of the European Commission: 

  • 100% of meals, accommodation, activities costs; 

  • Transport cost up to 275 EUR per participant

Here you can download the Infopack with all the details about the project.