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Erasmus+ YE: "Rural areas for You(th), You(th) for rural areas" Slovakia

Updated: Dec 8, 2017

A "High on Life" delegation of 6 people took part in the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "Rural areas for You(th), You(th) for rural areas" in Slovakia

About the Youth Exchange

Organization ADEL from Slovakia decided to organize youth exchange where young people can improve skills in photography but also help to promote Slovakia abroad and develop tourism and business in rural areas. Slovak villages are beautiful but running off people, therefore they also wanted to share experience from our countries and we could all together find new ways how to change that situation.

The main programe was devided into two parts:

devlelopment of rural areas through promotion and tourism - workshop how to work with camera and take good pictures, how to edit them, how to use graphic design software (of course basics of it), field trip where we will visit various villages in Slovakia and collect materials there (pictures, videos) which will be later used in preparation of promotional materials.

The second part of the youth exchange was focused on:

development of rural areas through business - we will have discussion with entrepreneur from rural area in Slovakia, also some skype calls with some others, we will discuss what are challanges to do business there, how to overcome them.

The project aims also to familiarize participants with other projects, programs and possibilities that they can use in the future, such as Erasmus+, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, European Voluntary Service, possibilities to apply for grant as „new entrepreneur“ etc.

We also discussed about some potential business ideas and possible future projects

Some pictures of the project

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