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Erasmus+ YE:"Entrepreneurial sprint" Croatia

Updated: Dec 8, 2017

5 members of "High on life" took part in the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "Entrepreneurial sprint" in Zagreb, Croatia

About the Youth Exchange

"Entrepreneurial sprint" is an international youth exchange under the Erasmus+ programme organized by Ekonomska klinika in Zagreb, Croatia during the period of 14th – 21th October 2017 involving 25 participants from Croatia, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The youth exchange aims to make young people more aware about social entrepreneurship, motivate them to think about problems in local societies and develop their own ideas for solving them.

Objectivies of the ptoject

  • to promote (social) entrepreneurship as a way to fight unemployment

  • to create environment conductive to innovation and creativity

  • to develop new ideas for solving current social problems and encourage active citizenship of young people

  • to develop entrepreneurial skills among participants important for integrating into the labour market

  • to give participants opportunity to present their ideas

  • to improve foreign language and intercultural competences

Participating in this youth exchange gave participants a set of new skills, practical experience of working with intercultural groups, knowledge about social entrepreneurship and examples of good practices from different countries, knowledge about how to present and develop their own ideas and more confident attitudes towards entrepreneurship in general.

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