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Erasmus+ YE: "Drink with Sense" Denmark

Updated: Dec 8, 2017

6 open-minded youngsters of "High on Life" took part in the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "Drink with Sense" in Stenløse, Denmark willing to discuss about the relation between alchol and young people

About the Youth Exchange

The objective of this Key Action 1 project was to provide our young participants with a forum for discussing motivations, feelings and reasons regarding social life, family patterns, social norms, mannerisms and traditions, etc. in order to find methods of interaction that is not only determined by whether or not you drink alcohol. We focused normatively on methods of promoting interaction and individual/group mobilization with and without alcohol present in order to prevent social stigmatisation in local and global communities.

Project’s Participants

48 young people coming from 8 different countries (Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Denmark ) gathered to discuss the situation of alcholism in each country and to talk about problems and solutions.

Most of the participants already had previous experience in volunteering or working with youngsters; The participants were students or graduates of different universities in different subjects so the diversity of the background of participants was very wide. The atmosphere in the group was very warm since the first day!