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Erasmus+ YE: "Cycle the City" Lithuania

Updated: Dec 8, 2017

6 open-minded youngsters (18-30 years old) of "High on Life" took part in the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "Cycle the City" in Kaunas, Lithuania willing to change cycling culture in Europe.

About the Project

Pollution in European cities, unhealthy lifestyle as well as extensive car usage and traffic jams are just a few of social problems that the EU institutions and separate member states are trying to address. Surely, these issues could be tackled by more cycling, which is still not popular enough in some of the countries. With this in mind, youth organizations from Italy, Poland, Spain, Lithuania, UK and Denmark have united for this project with the aim to make cycling more popular as a mean of healthy, cheap & sustainable transport.

Objectives of the Project

The project set the following objectives:

  1. promote cycling as a means of transport both for leisure and work, and the health benefits that come along;

  2. lobby for the maintenance of a safe, convenient, efficient and accessible cycling network in participating regions;

  3. reduce the actual and perceived dangers faced by cyclists;

  4. appeal to drivers to respect bikes on the road.

Project’s Participants

36 young people coming from 6 different countries (Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Poland, the UK and Denmark ) gathered to discuss the situation of cycling in each country and to talk about problems cyclists encounter while driving in the cities. Most of the participants already had previous experience in cycling, volunteering or working with youngsters; The participants were students or graduates of different universities in different subjects so the diversity of the background of participants was very wide. The atmosphere in the group was very warm since the first day!

Video of the Project

Have a look at our project through the eyes of one of the participants – Edminas Dabušinskas from Lithuania