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Erasmus+ YE "A Million Voices"

The war is still going on...

When media outlets stopped showing political chaos which is happening in Ukraine, most of the people in different countries of Europe think that the war in Ukraine is over and there is finally a peace. Unfortunately, the war is still going on intensively. People are being killed every single day. Due to ongoing bombardments, locals are forced to leave their own homes and move to safer city or even to another country.

Expressing concern about situation in Ukraine, Active Youth Association decided to organize two-part Erasmus+ project „A Million Voices“ which is about the war in Ukraine. First part of the project (training course) took place in Ukraine, Kramatorsk. Second part (youth exchange) was organized in November in Kaunas, Lithuania. There came 36 people from Ukraine, Czech

Republic, Turkey, Italy, Poland and Lithuania. During the project, participants were analysing

various issues of the ongoing conflict in East Ukraine with the help of interactive activities. In the middle of the project there was a visit of a famous movie director and team leader of the support group for Ukraine „Blue/Yellow“ Jonas Ohman. He has shared various stories about the current situation in Ukraine. Together with him there arrived two Ukrainian solders who were fighting in the front line. They shared as well tragic stories from their own experience. After the participants had gotten some knowledge about the conflict in Ukraine, they easily managed to implement the main goal of the project – to create initiative which could help victims of the war. There were four ideas designed on the whole. The one which could be implemented in reality was presented in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There participants had a chance to meet the ambassadors and ask them some questions about Ukraine.

It was a pleasure to see how people changed in the project. Totally unknown strangers became friends. As other participants said “they became one big international family who is perceiving current situation in Ukraine and creating common aims to help victims of the war”.

One of the project country was Ukraine. People came directly from the place nearby war zone. They shared stories from their very personal experience which let other participants see the situation of the war more realistically and inspired them for meaningful initiatives.

Would like to hear more about this project? Or, the impact it made?

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