"Language and Cooking - ABC of Europe”


The main goal of the project is to initiate learning of languages: Polish, Italian, Spanish,

Hungarian, Lithuanian using the benefits of non-formal education in which we will mainly

use cooking tools Almost every day we will exchange traditional dishes from one of the

countries from which we will come to exchange and we will use the language of the same

origin as the dishes. During the project, cooking with Lithuanian, Polish, Spanish, Italian and

Hungarian we will also explore the topic of healthy eating, proper selection of food products

to meals, preparing the right proportions of dishes, counting calories and translating pleasure

from cooking into a good frame of mind. Our task during the exchange will be to develop

innovative methods of learning foreign languages using the extremely popular activity that is

cooking. In addition, we will absorb the multiculturalism of our partners with each other,

involving all the senses in this process: eyesight (being able to face representatives of other

countries) hearing (listening to a foreign language of a partner) taste and smell (able to cost

traditional dishes from other countries) touch (by getting the opportunity to "five" or hug after

a welldone task).

PARTICIPANTS: The Youth exchange will involve 35 partcipants from Poland, Italy, Spain, Lithuania and Hungary) 

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE:   6 participants : (18-26 Y.O.) + 1 Group Leader (No age limit)

  • Interested in the topic of the project

  • Youth that never have opportunity to participate in a youth exchange

  • Youth that are strong motivated to be part of the project and pro-active.


DATES:  18-25 August 2020 ( 18-25 Travel days)

LOCATION: Poronin, Poland

FINANCIAL DETAILS:The organizers will cover the following costs with the support of the European Commission: 

  • 100% of meals, accommodation, activities costs; 

  • Transport cost up to 275 EUR per participant

Here you can download the Infopack with all the details about the project.