The project provides participants means to participate actively in the labour market and in
society at large.
Thus, it supports students, trainees, apprentices and young people, including those with fewer
opportunities, in the acquisition of outcomes such as knowledge, skills and competences
concerning the field of culture, intangible cultural heritage and cultural management with a view
to improving their personal development, their involvement as considerate and active citizens in
society and their employability in the European labour market and beyond.
In addition, it produces outcomes for the staff, youth workers and professionals involved in the
mobility activities as group leaders and on the participating organisations involved as partners in
order to, in the long run and in combination with other projects supported the Erasmus+ program
and Key Action 1, have an impact on the systems of youth thus stimulating policy reforms and
attracting new resources for mobility opportunities in Europe and beyond.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE:   5 participants : (20-28 Y.O.) + 1 Group Leader (No age limit)

  • Interested in the topic of the project

  • Youth that never have opportunity to participate in a youth exchange

  • Youth that are strong motivated to be part of the project and pro-active.


DATES:  22-7 September 2020 ( 22 - 27 Travel days)

LOCATION: Athens, Greece

FINANCIAL DETAILS:The organizers will cover the following costs with the support of the European Commission: 

  • 100% of meals, accommodation, activities costs; 

  • Transport cost up to 275 EUR per participant

Here you can download the Infopack with all the details about the project.