ERASMUS+ Advance preliminary visit of the YOUTH EXCHANGE: "Active Human(s) Rights" 

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Researches shows that young people do not know what are human rights and that formal education do not give enough knowledge about it. This project aims to raise awareness and promote human rights among young people in partner communities. By the end of the project, it will be created a "toolbox" that will gather materials and methods of all the exchange


- Give the opportunity for young people from different cultural backgrounds to learn from each other about Human Rights.

- Promote the awareness and recognition of Human Rights among the youth of the partner communities in this project.

- Promote awareness among young people about Human Rights through photographic and video exhibitions on Human Rights organized by participants and an online campaign on social networks; - Develop soft skills and social skills between pax through improvisation methodology and drama;

- Promoting tolerance, equality, freedom of speech and religion through protection of human rights and cultural exchange in a intercultural environment;

- Share the methodology through the dissemination of the Human Rights toolbox.

PARTICIPANTS: The Advanvce preliminary visit of the Youth exchange involve 6 organizations and  young people from 6 countries: Slovaki, Italy, Poland, Portugal , Romenia and Cyprus

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE:   1Group leader + 1 participant (18 t o 26 years old)

  • Being older than 18 years old 

  • Ready to take part in the whole Project (Youth Exchange)

  •  Be able to communicate English

  • With experiences in youth field and Erasmus+

  • IMPORTANT: ​ both participant and group leader coming to the APV must come to the Youth Exchange


DATES:  12 September  - 14 September 2018 (12 & 14 Travel days)

LOCATION:  Coimbra, Portugal

FINANCIAL DETAILS:The organizers will cover the following costs with the support of the European Commission: Dinner 12th, full board on 13th and breakfast on 14th.

Here you can download the Infopack with all the details about the project.