ABOUT THE PROJECT: Thousands of people are still flocking to Europe for search of safety and better life. However, more often than not they end up in the place that does not want to use their potential, let alone welcome them. How to avoid that? Displaced people (DP) must be integrated better keeping in mind that their potential is an opportunity to grow and advance both culturally and economically. This is also true for internally displaced (2 million in Ukraine alone). Our diverse consortium of youth NGOs believes that youth work could be the main driver of integration; thus, a project "A Million Voices" will be hosted.


The main goal of this project is to make sure that NGOs and young people are aware of the successful means of integration through youth work and understand their ability to help the DP through various (social) activities.
 The objectives to reach this goal are to:
- exchange good practices of DP inclusion
- raise the qualifications and competencies of youth workers by developing new methods for DP inclusion;
- help local youth learn how to communicate with DP and lower their xenophobia;
- spread the main idea of the project to other NGOs and the general public.

In order to achieve the project's objectives and ensure project’s continuity, we will first organize a training course for youth workers in Kramatorsk, Ukraine (September 7-15, 2018, 4 participants / country aged 18-30), followed by a youth exchange in Kaunas, Lithuania (November 6 people per country, aged 18-30, including team leaders from the TC).


PARTICIPANTS: The Training course involve 6 organizations and 24 young people from 5
 countries: Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Repubblic and Turkey

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE:   4 participants (18-30 y.o.) 

  • Being older than 18 years old 

  • Ready to take part in the whole Project (Training Course + Youth Exchange)

  •  Be able to communicate English

  • With experiences in youth field and Erasmus+


DATES:  7 September  - 15 September 2018 (7 & 15 Travel days)

LOCATION: Kramatorsk Ukraine

FINANCIAL DETAILS:The organizers will cover the following costs with the support of the European Commission: 

  • 100% of meals, accommodation, activities costs; 

  • Transport cost up to 275 EUR per participant

Here you can download the Infopack with all the details about the project.