HIGH ON LIFE is the feeling that you get when you live life to its fullest. It could be achieved in many different ways depending on who you are. For some people it is getting an adrenaline rush , for others it is simply watching the clouds go by on a nice day.

The results may vary, but no matter what you are always happy!

Someone who is HIGH ON LIFE can find reasons to smile in the smallest things, and won't let any random thing ruin his or her day.

Our aim is to create this “felling” on most of youth worldwide, let them understand how amzing life is!




We believe that young people must become a driving force in building the society in which they live and therefore we create various opportunities in order to help shape a generation that is determined to change our country and the world for the better.

We are a movement of people "High on Life" that loves to travel, explore, get connected with different cultures and live all the experiences of our  life with a positive attitude!

We cooperate with a large number of NGOs and  stakeholder in order to provide opportunities to take part in international project all over the world!

We're all about vibes, not hype.

Chilling time in Portugal!

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